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Summer Photography Shoot for Skincare Brand, 360botanics

Updated: Feb 14

In May, Shootlab embarked on an exciting summer photography shoot for the renowned skincare brand, 360botanics, to capture stunning images for their Summer Photography Campaign across their website and various social media platforms. Our picturesque location was none other than the splendid Villa S'Hort Gran des Palmer in Mallorca. Villa S'Hort Gran des Palmer is a breathtaking photoshoot location, with it's beautiful stone walls and gorgeous tropical plants, perfect backdrop for a botanical skincare brand. Whilst there we couldn't resist getting the DJI drone out to capture the beautiful mediterranean landscape. The photo shoot coincided with 360botanics winning 'best buy' for their Super Serum in the The Green Parent magazine's Natural Beauty Awards.

Skincare Photoshoot at S’Hort Gran d’es Palmer, Mallorca

The 300-year-old farmhouse S'Hort Gran d'es Palmer provided a picturesque backdrop for the natural skincare photoshoot. Situated among olive groves near the beach, the tranquil surroundings perfectly embodies 360 Botanics' natural ethos, and natural skincare products.

The farmhouse's age-old architecture with original stone arches and walls lent a touch of timeless elegance to every shot. Its vaulted ceilings and minimalist decor, set the stage for a stunning skincare photoshoot.With its multiple bedrooms, living areas, and expansive outdoor gardens, S'Hort Gran d'es Palmer offers multiple shoot locations for capturing the essence of 360 Botanics' products. The verdant grounds provide a splendid canvas for showcasing these skincare items among ancient olive trees and lush fields, evoking the richness of nature's bounty. As a former boutique hotel, S'Hort Gran d'es Palmer is well-acquainted with hosting excellence, and its serene seclusion renders it the ideal location for capturing the essence of natural skincare products.

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