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Drone Interiors Photoshoot feat Piglet in Bed bedding

Updated: Feb 14

Shootlab were recently commissioned by The Grain Store to shoot interior photography, a short form video and Instagram Reel content for their socials. The-Grain-Store is an amazing holiday home and creative shoot location just outside Lewes in East Sussex. The photoshoot was organised to promote their Piglet in Bed, bed Linen range and to show the luxury and comforts of the bedrooms when staying at The Grain Store. The Grain Store has incredible interior-design with beautiful modern art and furnishings. For the interiors photoshoot we used a Drone DJI Air 2s drone for the drone interior photography and Cinematic Drone filming we also used a DJI RS2 Gimbal for Videography and Canon R6 DSLR. See how we create stunning and eye-catching images for our clients using the unique perspective of a Drone on an Interior Photoshoot.

Burnt Orange - Piglet-in-Bed linen bedding

The interior photography below shows the garden bedroom, the bedroom-interior-design features the 'Burnt Orange' Piglet-in-Bed linen. The bedroom has direct access to the beautiful garden with views of the South Downs, with the light pouring in, casting dramatic shadows over the bed and polished concrete floor.

Below is a Drone-photo, taken just below the ceiling, to get the full image of Piglet Bedding on the bed and to create a dramatic image. We used a DJI Air 2s drone ,drones with camera for the interiors shoot. The drone DJI Air 2s has really good RAW photo image quality and can seamlessly blend with the photos taken on the Canon R6.

The image below shows the twin bedroom at The Grain Store, the bedding is the Oatmeal Piglet in Bed linen bedding range. The sunlight from the Velux windows creates beautiful lighting and shadowing, this image was photographed on the Canon R6 with 35mm f1.8 lens.

'Sage-green' Piglet-in-Bed linen bedding

Pillow detail of the Sage-Green Piglet in Bed, bed linen photographed on Canon R6 with EF 50mm f1.2 lens

For all of interior design photography throughout the photoshoot, we incorporated various props, including dried-flowers, lifestyle magazines and contemporary books to create a more lifestyle feel to the photo shoot, The props were chosen for their style, colours and associations.

image of sage green pillows and bed with magazine
Style image of Piglet in Bed in 'Sage Green' colour set - Photography by Shootlab

The photo above shows Piglet bedding, Bed Sage-Green bedding with a bed spread by designer Claire Gaudion . Claire Gaudion work is inspired by a love of nature, designs and includes homeware collections influenced by natures natural colours & patterns.

Drone Interior photography: How to get cinematic drone shots

Flying a drone indoors: To get the best drone filming and interior-photography you need to learn to control the drone with smooth slow movements. The drone photo below was taken from directly above looking down on the subject , showing the full double bed and bedroom space, and also in order to achieve the camera sweep, dolly like movements, we used our DJI Air 2s . Flying Dji Air 2s indoors requires skill and it had to be flown very slowly with carefully controlled micro movements to avoid the hanging lights. Using a Drone inside for interior photography and filming takes practice and experience. However once you feel confident using a drone for interior photography, it gives you lots of creative filming options and you are able capture and create unique footage and striking photos. The DJI Air 2s drone that we use shoots RAW image files so you have the same ability to colour correct the images in post as you do with a DSLR such as the Canon R6, a camera that we use for our photo shoots.

What is the best drone for interior photography ?

At SHOOTLAB we use a DJI Air 2S for our drone interior Photography and Videography, we use this drone for a variety of reasons. It features a 1-inch CMOS sensor so is great in low light, very important for interior photography. It is a really compact drone weighing less than 600g, This means that it is easy to manoeuvre when shooting drone photo inside and will cause less damage should you crash it. DJI Air 2S captures drone photos at 20MP in both JPEG and Raw files. The RAW files really allow for total colour and exposure correction Adobe Lightroom in post. correction. In terms of drone-video the Air 2S is capable of shooting 5.4K/25fps and 4K/50fps video in 10-bit Dlog. This colour profile can record up to one billion colours with a super detailed image. So from the point of view of size versus quality and price point the Air 2S drone ticks a lot of boxes.

Content Creation - Piglet in Bed + The Grain Store - instagram reels video / Style Film

Watch the reels instagram video & Social Edit we created whilst on location, the Video incorporates gimbal footage and drone sweeps.

Piglet in Bed /The Grain Store interiors style film

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