Interiors Photoshoot: Piglet in Bed at The Grain Store, Lewes

Updated: May 4

Shootlab are a 'content creation studio' based in Lewes, East Sussex. We were recently commissioned by The Grain Store to shoot interior photography, a short film and Reel content for their socials. The-Grain-Store is an amazing holiday home and creative shoot location just outside Lewes in East Sussex. The photoshoot was organised to promote their Piglet in Bed, bed Linen range and to show the luxury and comforts of the bedrooms when staying at The Grain Store. For the interiors shoot we used a DJI Air 2s drone, gimbal and Canon R6 DSLR.

Burnt Orange - Piglet in Bed linen bedding

The photo below shows the garden bedroom which has the 'Burnt Orange' Piglet in Bed linen. The bedroom has direct access to the garden with views of the South Downs, with the light pouring in, casting dramatic shadows over the bed and polished concrete floor.

photo of double bed with Piglet in Bed brand Burnt Orange Bed Linen
Piglet-in-Bed Burnt Orange Bed Linen with Claire Gaudion throw in garden bedroom

Below is a drone shot, taken just below the ceiling, to get the full image of the bed and create a dramatic image. We used a DJI Air 2s drone for the shoot which has really good image quality.

Drone photo of Piglet in Bed 'Burnt Orange' Bed Linen
Drone photo of Piglet in Bed 'Burnt Orange' Bed Linen

photo of double bed with 'Piglet in Bed' Burnt Orange coloured bed linen
'Burnt Orange' Piglet in Bed linen image of garden bedroom

The image below shows the twin bedroom, the bedding is the Oatmeal Piglet in Bed linen bedding. The sunlight creates beautiful lighting and shadowing, this was photographed on a Canon R6.

photo of bedroom with two twin beds made up with Piglet in Bed Oatmeal Bedding
Twin bedroom with Piglet in Bed 'Oatmeal' Bedding

'Sage green' Piglet in Bed linen bedding

image of  Piglet in Bed Forest Green Pillows detail
Piglet in Bed 'Sage Green' Pillows detail

Pillow detail of the Sage Green Piglet in Bed, bed linen

Lifestyle photo showing double bed with Piglet in Bed Sage Green bedding
Lifestyle photography of Piglet in Bed 'Sage Green' bedding

For the photoshoot we incorporated various props, including dried flowers, magazines and books, chosen for their style and colours

image of sage green pillows and bed with magazine
Style image of Piglet in Bed in 'Sage Green' colour set

The image above shows Piglet in Bed Sage-Green bedding with bed spread by Claire Gaudion

BTS image of gimbal from videography filming session
BTS gimbal videography for lifestyle film

Drone interior photography & dolly shots

To get the top down shots showing the full bed and bedroom space and to achieve the camera sweep, dolly like movements, we used a drone. The drone had to be flown very slowly, with carefully controlled movements.

image of bedroom with double bed and drone hovering
Hovering drone from our photography shoot, Piglet in Bed 'Raspberry' linen range

Piglet in Bed + The Grain Store - Style Film

Watch a short film we created whilst on location, the film incorporates gimbal footage and drone sweeps.

Piglet in Bed /The Grain Store interiors style film

image of person standing in a doorway holding a Piglet in Bed bag
Piglet in Bed at The Grain Store, Lewes

SHOOTLAB - interiors photography & film

If you need any interiors photography or lifestyle videography for your website or socials, please get in touch! - studio@shootlab.co.uk

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