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Shootlab are Social Media Content Creators!

At Shootlab, we know that creating regular, engaging content is key to capturing your audience's attention and driving results. We produce vibrant, eye-catching video and photo content that is optimised for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube


We can deliver content to your company or organisation on a monthly basis, so you can always have great Social Media Content that you're proud to post. Or, you can let us take care of the whole thing for you! We can schedule and post your content for you, so you can focus on other things. Check out our Social Media Management page to learn more

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Lorna Portrait Wild Nutrition
two women staring at the camera in front of The Grain Store Lewes, East Sussex
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Sofia Reading
Richard Falk private dining chef
Personal brand photography for business owner Jade
Lifestyle Photography Lewes
Birchwood Restaurant interior Flimwell-Park
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Graffiti hand red on black background
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Hydrate Body Oil 360 Botanics
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We are experts in both Social Media Content Creation and Digital Marketing, so are able to combine these two skill sets, to come up with social media post ideas and to create compelling, engaging social Video, Photographic content and Digital Media. We create social content that is both creative and on-point leading to positive social media engagement. For those struggling to find content to post, we offer monthly Content creation subscription packages, where we act as your content creator,  creating images, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts through blogs and Podcasts. We can meet up on a regular basis to discuss social media content ideas and then develop these into posts for you. We are flexible in the way we work so are able to tailor our social media content manager packages to suit your requirements and budget parameters.


We can produce various different types of video content for your social feeds, from soundbite interviews filmed in a vertical format to product footage to event filming delivered as short-form video edits, ready to post. If you would like to take over and manage your social accounts including posting, check out our Social Media Manager pageWe are ready to create for you, get in touch to find out more.


We can create monthly Social Photography for you including things like event coverage, product photography to lifestyle photography. We can also create a blend of hybrid media for you that includes, Instagram Reels, behind-the-scenes images, vox pops and animated image /text content. 


We offer a complete blog writing service that delivers informative, keyword-optimised blogs that gain attention, drive traffic and make your brand look. Whether you are a small business looking for Content writer , a client needing our Organic SEO Consultant Services, you are wanting to create a Facebook AD and are interested in our SEM - Social Media AD Creation Packages,  or you simply just want to have a chat with us about how we can help you grow your business, please get in touch

Our knowledge and insight in Facebook Business, Google Analytics and Instagram as well as a multitude of Analytical Software, allow us to track and measure results from all of our SEO & social campaigns.  Social Media Content Management



Tel: +(44) 208 090 2635

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