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Looking for a professional video editor to elevate your film project or to craft a dynamic edit from your existing video footage? At Shootlab, we're here to help. Our team of expert content editors specialises in a diverse array of video editing services. This includes everything from short-form social video editing and creative motion graphics to creating compelling marketing video content.

Video editing
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Welcome to Shootlab, your leading video editing service provider based in Lewes, Sussex. We are a full-service video editing team based in Sussex, located in Lewes, East Sussex (near Brighton), but we edit for clients across the UK. Whether you're a small business looking to produce a corporate video or an individual looking to create short-form video edits for social media, Shootlab have the skills and expertise to help you bring your vision to life. You can send us your video camera footage or phone video footage via WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc., and we can do video editing online for you using your digital files. Alternatively, you can send us your film footage on a hard drive via courier services. We use a variety of video editing software, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.


We understand that each video project is unique, which is why here at Shootlab we offer affordable video editing services that are customised to meet your specific needs. Our professional video editing services are perfect for businesses looking to create fresh video content that will engage their audience. Contact us today to learn more about our video editing services


In need of a video editor for social media, Shootlab offers short-form video editing services for social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. We understand that attention spans are short on social media, and that's why we can create engaging and impactful content that captures your audience's attention. We are flexible in the way we work, producing everything from short-form video content – Instagram Reels edits, 1-minute social edits for Facebook right through to longer-form video projects.



We can create eye-catching motion graphics as part of your video production, bringing life and energy to your edit. We can also produce short-form edits for your social media channels to energize your feeds and get your message out there!


Video Colour grading is the process of altering and enhancing the colours in a video. It can be used to correct colour imbalances, make a video look more aesthetically pleasing, or create a specific film look or mood. Check out our Colour Grading Page.

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