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Shootlab Photo Studio in Sussex offers everything needed for a professional photo shoot, including lighting, props, and more. Our studio is equipped to handle all your photography needs.

Let's create something amazing.

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Life's a Beach clothing brand Studio photography
Rose Radiant Facial Mist Skin-Toner amber bottle with white rose
Life's a Beach Fashion Studio photography
Flatlay photography Winter Spice soap 360 Botanics Instagram
Money Clothing Fashion Studio photography
Product Photography amber coloured glass jars in row on orange coloured background with marble plint
Studio Photography Money clothing shoot
Tigers Eye soy Candle in amber coloured jar held between hands
360 Botanics flatlay photography
Lifes a Beach Studio-photography
shootlab photo studio lewes
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Shootlab Photography Studio is a whiteout Studio Space, which is the perfect environment for
smaller-scale photo shoots, including product photography, packaging and brand photography, to fashion, e-commerce and beauty photography.

Our versatile photo studio in Sussex is a blank canvas environment that provides the perfect backdrop for a wide range of photography projects, from professional product photography to fashion campaigns and enticing e-commerce visuals. Our adaptable studio space caters to all of your needs, whether you're a new business or a seasoned brand.


We understand the power of vibrant visual content in today's digital landscape and are passionate about crafting engaging imagery that elevates your brand story.


Join us at Shootlab and let our expertise and your vision converge to create truly remarkable results that resonate and connect. Check out our Studio Photography page.

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