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Video production for the Education Sector

Shootlab is a leading video production company specialising in creating high-quality promotional videos for universities, schools, and other educational institutions.

At Shootlab, we understand the unique challenges of marketing schools and universities in today's competitive landscape, and we can help you create videos that will capture the attention of prospective students and parents.

Our goal is to inspire and promote businesses in the education sector with engaging visual content.

Video Production for universities

Shootlab has proudly worked with some of the UK's top universities, including Goldsmiths, UAL, and Ravensbourne University. Our skilled Videographers, Editors, Marketers, and Photographers collaborate with you to deliver stunning visual content that reflects your institution's unique personality.

We specialise in a full range of university video production services

  • University promotional videos that ignite excitement

  • Virtual tours to showcase your campus

  • Alumni stories that build lasting connections

  • Student testimonials that resonate with prospects

  • Social videos with the potential to go viral


Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your university video production strategy.



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