Aerial Photography & Drone Videography for Eco-Housing development 'Flimwell Park' Sussex

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Shootlab were commissioned by Larking Marketing Agency to produce a series of Marketing Photographs and a Video banner for Flimwell Park's Website Home Page. Flimwell Park is an innovative, sustainably built, eco live /workspace development in Flimwell, East Sussex. Once completed Flimwell Park will have a series of 8 units, some operating as unique Coworking spaces, which include hot-desking, small office spaces, and meeting rooms, others will be used as standalone business units and the remaining as spaces for Artisan Makers and Craft People.

About Flimwell Park

All of the buildings on the site are sustainably built and made from 100% eco-construction. There will be an onsite restaurant/cafe nestled in the woodland landscape for workers and visitors alike. People may choose to visit and walk amongst the woodland pathways, stop by at one of the Makers workshops to see what's going on, and then take a refreshment break at Birchwood restaurant. The site also has two large sustainable houses being built, in eco as well as the 'Focal Building' that will be taken by Bartlett School of Architecture. The architecture students will visit from their London University and use the space to create experimental structures in the large hall space. They will also be able to stay overnight in one of the eco solar-powered chalets.

Flimwell Park - Website Banner Video & Facebook Banner Video

Image of Flimwell Park Coworking spaces, set in woodland environment

Architecture Photography Flimwell Park Workspaces: Hive Coworking spaces, Makers spaces, Business Units

Image of support beams for Flimwell Park's Focal Building

Flimwell Park timber supports for the Focal Building which is still under construction

image of eco coworking space side detail including zinc guttering

Guttering detail on the sustainably built eco work units

Flimwell Park drone aerial shot showing woodland and pathways

Woodland pathways for country walks in Flimwell Park, for visitors and for workers wanting fresh air and looking for inspiration

Image of one of the coworking units set in the trees at Filmwell park

The Coworking workspaces will be run by Hive, set literally in the beautiful woodland of Flimwell Park, East Sussex. Each has unit has views over the woodland landscape

image of two of the wooden eco coworking spaces at Flimwell park

Side profile of the eco built co-working spaces, each has it's own roof terrace

image off one of the wooden sides of the Flimwell units bathed in sunshine

Sunbathed workspaces set in beautiful, natural environment

side view of one of the work units at Flimwell with a sunny blue skysk

side view of the double-height timber workspaces with roof terrace access

Image of one of the innovative workspaces with large windows overlooking the woodland

The workshops look over the tree tops and are connected by a wooden walkways leading to a restaurant / cafe building

image showing the wooden support beams for the focal building at flimwell

The 'Focal Building' supports, where Bartlett School of Architecture will deliver architectural courses in 2020. Still under construction

Focal Building at Flimwell

The 'Focal Building' interior occupied by Bartlett School of Architecture for creative architectural building courses in 2020. (Still under construction)

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