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Building a Home: Long-Term Time-lapse Filming at Flimwell Park

Updated: Jan 19

Aerial view of a new sustainable housing development with rows of modern wooden townhouses, some with solar panels on the roofs, adjacent to a parking area covered with solar canopies, surrounded by lush greenery in a rural setting
Aerial Footage of eco housing development

Shootlab was commissioned to capture the entire build process of an eco homes development at Flimwell in Sussex using a long-term time-lapse camera. After producing Architectural Photography for Flimwell Parks Live/work units we were commissioned to document the entire building process of three modern, sustainable, and ecologically friendly homes. Using a specialist Long-Term Timelapse camera we filmed the gradual yet transformative journey from foundation to completion. This long-term time-lapse project serves not just as a record of construction but as a narrative of how sustainable design can coexist with nature. Watch this fascinating time-lapse journey, and witness these exceptional houses being built from the ground up, filmed over 12 months.

Modern eco-friendly residential complex with angular wooden structures and protruding windows, set against a wildflower meadow and lush forest backdrop, under a partly cloudy sky
Eco Housing development set in natural environment

Flimwell Park set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty an innovative building project took place. Flimwell Park, renowned for its breathtaking vistas, provided an enchanting backdrop for the construction of the new build homes. Embracing the surrounding natural beauty, the project strived to embody ecological sensibility and preserve the integrity of the landscape. Each home thoughtfully designed with balconies on all three floors, granting residents the privilege of enjoying nature from every vantage point.

Early stage construction site with excavated ground and foundation work underway, featuring an orange excavator, construction materials, and workers amidst a muddy terrain with surrounding greenery
Long Term Timelapse Video Still

Sussex development with Sustainability at its Core:

Sustainability was at the heart of this endeavour. The inclusion of designated parking with electric vehicle (EV) charging points showcased a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. The modern methods of construction, endorsed by Steve Johnson of The Architect Ensemble, not only streamlined the building process but also prioritised eco-conscious materials and practices. As a Lecturer at The Bartlett School of Architecture, Johnson's expertise brought an additional layer of significance to the project, emphasizing the vital role architects play in shaping the future of sustainable housing.

Active construction site with a large yellow crane lifting a wooden beam onto a partially built house with plywood sheathing, workers on-site, construction materials and vehicles scattered around, in a suburban setting with leafless trees in the background
Construction captured on Long-Term Timelapse Camera

The Time-lapse Vision: Construction in Process

With sustainability as the project's foundation, Shootlab sought to capture the story of Flimwell Park's transformation through the lens of a long-term time-lapse camera. The chosen camera, the Afidus ATL-200, proved to be an ideal companion, offering a myriad of features that complemented the project's objectives.

Aerial view of a large, multi-story timber-framed building under construction, surrounded by scaffolding, with building materials scattered around, set against a backdrop of a dense, green forest
Aerial Drone videography of Flimwell Park Modern Housing development

The Afidus ATL-200, equipped with a Sony Full HD image sensor and a 16-35mm optical zoom lens, ensured every detail of the construction was vividly preserved. The camera's Wi-Fi app control allowed for seamless remote operation and full-screen preview, granting the team greater flexibility in adjusting settings and capturing the perfect shots.

Mid-construction of a modern two-story house with plywood exterior, workers on the roof and scaffolding, a mobile crane to the side, and construction materials scattered in the foreground, set in a residential area with bare trees
In construction Flimwell Modern eco Housing in DSussex

Capturing Progress Over Time: Time-Lapse in Action:

The customisability of time intervals was a pivotal feature in creating a compelling narrative. The camera's batteries, lasted around 30 days, and ensured that no significant moment of the construction journey was missed. From laying the foundations to the final touches, the Afidus ATL-200 dutifully documented the evolution of these modern classic houses.

Contemporary house with wooden cladding, each unit featuring a geometric balcony with diagonal metal supports, behind a wooden fence with a lush green tree line under a clear blue sky
Flimwell Park Modern Houses set in natural surroundings

Modern wooden building with angular design, featuring large windows, rusted steel accents, and a cantilevered metal roof with louvers, set against a clear blue sky.
Modern Homes at Flimwell Park development in Sussex

Long-Term Timelapse Showcasing the Art of Construction:

The camera successfully recorded the entire construction process in a time-lapse format, providing a practical and detailed view of the building's development. Showcasing the combination of modern architectural techniques and sustainable practices.

Watch House Building TimeLapse created using using Afidus-ATL-200 camera


The long-term time-lapse project at Flimwell Park was not just about the construction of three exceptional homes; it was a testament to the marriage of modern design and ecological responsibility. Shootlab's expert use of the Afidus ATL-200 brought this narrative to life, celebrating the harmonious coexistence of human innovation and the beauty of the natural world. As these homes now stand tall, they not only represent the future of sustainable living but also serve as a reminder that progress and preservation can go hand in hand, and the lens of a time-lapse camera can reveal the enchanting dance of creation and conservation.

A view of a construction site from a balcony, with a timelapse camera in the foreground set up to capture the progress. The site features an excavator, construction materials, and a partially completed building with wood siding. Trees in full bloom and a clear blue sky can be seen in the background, indicating springtime
Afidus Timelapse Camera filming house build

Quick Questions:

Is the Afidus ATL-200 timelapse any good?

Is the Afidus ATL-200 time lapse camera any good, well it survived outside for over a year on the roof of a construction site. It is HD and the image quality varied depending on the varying lighting conditions. It is not the best image quality especially when viewed next to the drone footage we cut with it but it coped with a lot of abuse including snow and blizzard conditions. The camera is priced at around £250 so is a good deal, and to get a better long term timelapse camera you have to spend considerably more, so depending on your budget this camera might be the cmera for you.

How do you use the Afidus ATL-200 Timelapse camera?

The Afidus ATL-200 is operated through a dedicated smartphone app. Once you get familiar with it, it's quite straightforward and offers a wide range of settings to explore. To achieve the best results, do some research and attention to specific details are essential.

Key factors to consider include:

  1. Stabilising the White Balance: Ensuring that the white balance is fixed prevents it from fluctuating during the shoot.

  2. Optimising Interval Settings: Adjust these settings based on the subject of your filming and the duration of the time-lapse.

  3. Securing the Camera Firmly: A stable setup is crucial to maintain consistent framing and clarity throughout the recording process

What is it like working with the Afidus ATL-200 HD Timelapse Camera?

We enjoyed working with the camera and it gave us some good results. We used high capacity lithium batteries which lasted around 4 weeks. Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries these are the longest lasting AA batteries that are available. When we changed them the camera always got moved slightly so we had to cut in other footage to hide the move, in this case we used drone footage to hide the camera movement.


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