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AI Tools from YouTube that will Revolutionise Your Video Creation

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

As content creators and video producers here at Shootlab, we are always on the lookout for tools that can enhance our YouTube video creation process. That's why we were so intrigued when YouTube unveiled their new "YouTube Create" AI-powered features at their Made on YouTube 2023 event. The potential time-saving and creativity-boosting features like AI-generated topic ideas, simplified editing apps, and instant video backgrounds represent exciting opportunities for us to create better content here at Shootlab - music to our ears!

AI tools like Inspiration and 'Dream Screen' seem particularly useful for generating engaging video ideas tailored to a niche and simplifying our production process. The AI easy dubbing feature presents an opportunity to reach wider audiences by translating our English video content into other languages. This will help share our videos with more global viewers. While integrating these new AI innovations into our existing workflows may take some adjustment, we're eager to test them out. With the right balance of human creativity and AI assistance, we're confident we can use these tools to produce better quality videos more efficiently for our YouTube channel. We can't wait to try YouTube's new AI creator features and see how they can revolutionise our video creation process and enable us to produce more regular content for our Shootlab channel!

YouTube AI-Generated Topics and Outlines

One of the most exciting new AI tools announced is YouTube Studio's "Inspiration" feature. This uses generative AI to analyse your video channel's data and past videos to suggest personalised video topics and content outlines tailored to your niche and audience. As any content creator knows, constantly coming up with fresh ideas is challenging and time-consuming. By tapping into YouTube's trove of user data on viewing habits and interests, this tool can help generate hundreds of data-backed topic ideas in minutes. Granted the quality may vary, however it's an excellent starting point for ideation and can help reduce the some of the hours we spend brainstorming and researching. We plan to test out the Inspiration feature to see if the suggested topics align with the broader goals and direction of our Shootlab channel. Even if the tool doesn't spit out any genius ideas off the bat, it may still spark creative thinking or uncover gaps in my content strategy. At the very least, it can eliminate the drudgery of ideation, leaving more time for higher-level strategy and production. With YouTube's vast data and advanced AI, this tool has huge potential to boost productivity and give creators like Shootlab an edge.

white coloured phone on  dark surface
iPhone with YouTube App

One of the most buzzed-about new AI tools is Dream Screen, a new feature that uses generative-AI to create customisable backgrounds for YouTube Shorts. As content creators who value high-quality production, we have always been wary of basic green screens and backgrounds. But with Dream Screen, making stunning backdrops is potentially as simple as typing a text prompt like "serene beach at sunset" and letting the advanced AI generate a matching animated video. This could allow for far more creativity without being limited by physical locations. However, overuse may diminish the polished look of Shorts that viewers expect. On our channel, we plan to strategically incorporate Dream Screen in shorts where it can provide engaging, relevant imagery that enhances the storytelling. But for tutorials and educational content, we are likely to stick to real-world backdrops to maintain a professional aesthetic. While the ease of use is tempting, we don't want to dilute the brand quality our audience has come to expect. With smart and selective use, Dream Screen gives creators like Shootlab more creative freedom to produce next-level Shorts without compromising quality.

YouTube Music Assistant

One of the most time-consuming steps for any video production agency is picking the perfect soundtrack for videos. But YouTube's new Music Assistant aims to fix this with AI-powered assistive search for the YouTube Creator music library. Instead of endlessly scrolling to find the right vibe, we can simply tell the AI what you are looking for—genre, mood, song length, beats per minute—and it will instantly suggest tracks that match. This could be a huge timesaver, especially for shorts where music selection often stops us in our tracks! While we currently use various music libraries for background music in regular videos, Music Assistant seems ideal for easily finding clips for shorts or promotional content. We do wish the tool also worked for our current music libraries , but it's still an excellent starting point.

For Shootlab's YouTube channel, finding music that matches our sleek aesthetic is key. With Music Assistant handling the heavy lifting, we can potentially focus more energy on crafting the visual storyline.

close up of Youtube App on iphone screen
YouTube AI-generated video

YouTube's Aloud Dubbing

As an English-language channel, Shootlab is limited to reaching the small fraction of the world that speaks English. But YouTube's new Aloud dubbing feature could change this entirely. By using AI to automatically dub videos into other languages, our video content could potentially reach millions more international viewers. The tool allows translating videos directly in YouTube Studio, opening up possibilities for my niche tech tutorials to be comprehended by non-English speakers. While lip-syncing may need refinement, the audio dubbing could significantly widen our audience. For now, we are cautiously optimistic about leveraging this for our most evergreen videos to test engagement. Promoting these duplicated videos specifically to Spanish, Hindi, and Mandarin speakers could unlock major untapped markets. While human-quality translations aren't perfect yet, Aloud dubbing represents an easy way for Shootlab to expand our global impact.

The new YouTube-Create mobile editing app aims to simplify video production using AI tools, taking some of the the work out of video production. As an avid smartphone filmmaker, we are intrigued by YouTube-Create's potential for on-the-go editing. Key features like clip trimming, captions, voiceovers and beat-matched music could make quality video creation possible anywhere. This represents a major time saver compared to desktop editing. However, the condensed interface likely has limitations versus robust desktop programs. For now, we plan to test Create for simpler videos and initial edits, then polish further on my desktop. One concern is it may enable quick but poorly edited content. On our Shootlab channel, production value is key, so maintaining polished videos is crucial. With strategic use balancing ease and quality, YouTube Create could allow us to film and do initial edits on my phone, while still achieving the professional aesthetic my tech audience expects. This will require hands-on experimentation to see if it aligns with Shootlab's brand standards. But overall, we're excited by this innovation's potential to enhance flexibility and efficiency in my content workflow.

white screen with YouTube
YouTube Web Browser

Don't Make Another YouTube Video Until You Try These AI Tools!

In summary, YouTube's suite of new AI-powered tools aims to enhance the content creation workflow for creators. Features like Inspiration, Dream Screen, Music Assistant, and YouTube Create have the potential to boost efficiency and creativity. However, maintaining brand quality will require strategic and selective use of these innovations. For my channel, I'm eager to test drive these updates with an open yet analytical mindset. If they align with Shootlab's niche, aesthetic and production standards, we're excited to integrate them. But the human creative spirit still reigns supreme, so I'll avoid over-reliance on AI. With the right balance of human ingenuity and AI assistance, there are thrilling possibilities ahead. While it's unclear if AI can ever fully replace creators, these advancements may bring out our best ideas yet. We are cautiously optimistic that by complementing creativity with technology, we can take content further than ever before. But the heart of great content creation and video production will always come from within.

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