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Architectural Photography & Drone filming for Housing development, Flimwell Park in Sussex

Updated: Jun 2

Shootlab Architectural Photographers

Shootlab were commissioned by Flimwell Park in Sussex to produce a series of Architectural Photographs (Aerial photography) and Drone Videography for Flimwell Park's Website and Social accounts. Flimwell Park is a unique, sustainably built, eco live /workspace woodland development on which includes a restaurant and Lodge on the East Sussex and Kent border. As well as shooting all of the exterior spaces we also photographed some of the Hive Coworking spaces which include hot-desking, small office spaces, and meeting rooms, others eco units are used as standalone business units and the remaining by Artisan Makers and Craft People.

Flimwell Park Eco-development

The whole site has a very modern architectural look to it and was a pleasure to photograph. The work units on the site are sustainably built, made from 100% eco-construction. Built on stilts and accessed via galvanised metal walkways. Once completed there will be an onsite restaurant/cafe nestled in the woodland landscape, for the workers and visitors alike. People visiting Flimwell Park may choose to visit and walk amongst the woodland pathways, stop by at one of the Makers workshops to see what's going on, and then take a refreshment break in the eco-cafe. The site also has two large sustainable houses being built, in eco as well as the 'Focal Building' that will be taken by Bartlett School of Architecture. The architecture students will visit from Bartletts University and use the space to create experimental structures in the large hall space. They will also be able to stay overnight in one of the eco-solar-powered chalets.

As architectural photographers, we were excited to photograph the new development at Flimwell. We arrived at the Flimwell Park site early in the morning to photograph the modern and sustainably built work units at sunrise. The units are elevated on stilts and connected by galvanised metal walkways. Once finished, there will be an onsite restaurant and cafe nestled in the woodlands for workers and visitors to enjoy. People who come to Flimwell Park can walk the wooded pathways and stop in at the makers' workshops to see what's happening. They can then take a break in the eco-cafe. There are also two large sustainable houses being built on the property, as well as the 'Focal Building' that will be used by the Bartlett School of Architecture. We look forward to when the architecture students visit from Bartlett's University and use the space to construct experimental structures in the large hall. They'll also be able to stay overnight in one of the solar-powered eco chalets. Overall, photographing the modern and sustainably constructed Flimwell Park was a really enjoyable and inspiring experience for shootlab.

The workshops look out over the tree tops and are connected by a walkways leading to a restaurant / cafe building at the end

Side profile of the eco built co-working spaces.

Architecture Photography Flimwell Park Workspaces: Hive Coworking spaces, Makers spaces, Business Units

The 'Focal Building' interior occupied by Bartlett School of Architecture for creative architectural building courses in 2020. (Still under construction)

Flimwell Park website home page
Drone photo featuring on Flimwell Park website homepage

Who built Flimwell Park?

Flimwell Park was built by London-based practice Architecture Ensemble, the architect behind Flimwell Park was Steven Johnson.

Can you walk around Flimwell Park?

Absolutely! Flimwell park in East Sussex is a wonderful place to visit if you're looking for a scenic and enjoyable walk or bike ride after a visit to the Birchwood Cafe/Restaurant. With its beautiful woodland trails which are well-maintained enjoy the natural beauty for visitors of all ages and interests. So, if you're in the area and looking for a great place to stretch your legs and take in some fresh air, be sure to check out Flimwell park, we at shootlab would highly recommend it!

See our aerial photos feature on the front page of the Flimwell Park Website


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Architectural Photography & Drone photography by SHOOTLAB

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