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FASHION AI: Content Creation using Midjourney

Updated: Apr 7

It's the SHOOTLAB AI image drop! We're continuing our experimental journey with Midjourney AI software and innovative ways of creating content! This month's theme is "Fashion Futures." We're excited to showcase an AI-generated fashion campaign that explores innovative and futuristic fashion looks. The fashion AI images were created using MidJourney, which is an exceptional generative AI tool that boasts an unlimited "AI imagination." If you're curious to learn more about the software and how to use Midjourney AI, keep reading below!

Mid-Journey AI Software: A New Way to Create Stunning Images

At Shootlab, we are Content Creators we offer Video Production, Photography and Social Media Content Creation. We are passionate photographers and love producing image-based work, and traditionally, this has been carried out using our trusty Canon-R5 DSLR. However, when we discovered Midjourney, the amazing image creation software, we naturally jumped straight on board to explore AI-assisted photography! Our first foray into AI-image-creation was when we produced a series of AI oil paintings like old masters depicting Lewes Bonfire Night. These AI images looked so realistic that people assumed they were old masters! The local newspaper, The Argus, picked up the story, and the rest is history. Read our blog Is AI capable of genuine Creativity?

Using MidJourney AI image generator, Content Creators can produce stunning generative AI images in a matter of seconds, and with Midjourney V6 now available, prepare to be dazzled! Read on to see our Midjourney Fashion Photography.

Futuristic fashion trainers/ fashion sneakers on a plinth

What Is Midjourney and how does Midjourney work?

Mid journey is an AI Art Generator - (AI Image Generator)) that uses machine learning to turn natural language descriptions called 'text prompts' into unique images. It's easy to use and open for anyone to join – all you need is a Discord account. Once you enter your words 'text', the tool will provide you with an AI-generated image. You can then upscale the image and download it, or send it to yourself. Plus, you can explore a gallery of other users' images on the Midjourney AI website and learn from their text prompts.

Step by step guide: How to use Midjourney AI image generator

Step 1: Make sure you have a Discord account Midjourney works entirely on Discord, so you’ll need to set up a Discord account to use it. Signing up for Discord is free if you haven’t done it yet. Once you have set up an account log in to your account.

Discord is a communication platform that allows people to create and join online communities, known as servers, where they can chat with text, voice, and video, as well as share files and play games together. It is commonly used by gamers, but can also be used by any group or community looking for a way to communicate and collaborate online)

Step 2: Visit the Midjourney website. Here, choose Join the beta. This will automatically take you to a Discord invite.

Step 3: Follow the link in the Discord invite to join Midjourney's server. Once inside, choose "Continue to Discord" to accept the invite.

Step 4: Your Discord app will not automatically open. When it does, select the ship-like Midjourney icon on the left menu.

Step 5: In the Midjourney channels, locate the Newcomer rooms. There will typically be a number of newcomer rooms open, You can select any of these to begin.

Step 6: In the box at the bottom of Discord, type /imagine and then type whatever you want to see in the prompt box above. Your ai-generated images will be transfered to your Midjourney account!

Midjourney software prompt bar grey bar withy white text
Midjourney Prompt bar

For decades, futuristic fashion images have been part of the fashion landscape. Now, AI image software such as MidJourney is being used to create new and innovative futuristic fashion looks. This software can generate images that fuse unique and innovative clothing and accessories. It can also generate virtual models and 3D renderings of fashion looks, allowing for the creation of entire looks and collections that are truly out of this world. AI-image-generation-software is a powerful tool for fashion designers and brands and will continue to revolutionise the fashion industry for years to come. Check our SHOOTLAB Blog 'Is AI Capable of Genuine Creativity'

dark skinned man wearing beige sweatshirt sitting at desk sewing illuminated fabric to make tech garment
Fashion Designer AI working on Wearable Tech Garment using complex sensory technology

Watch our AI Fashion Video Portfolio

Designer Catwalk Show Photography Portfolio

Fashion image animation created using Genmo ai 

cucumber and dill sorbet in a ball shape on a green  plate, silver fork next to plate, wine glasses in the background with wine and sparkling water
Ai Food Photography - Cucumber and Dill Sorbet starter photo-realistic AI image

Having checked out our AI-generated fashion photography blog, want to see the cutting edge of food photography? Check out our AI-Generated Food Photography blog!

AI-Generated Food Photography. This blog post showcases how AI technology is not just reshaping fashion photography, but also how it is revolutionising food photography. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of Content Creation. Get inspired by the incredible potential of AI!

Elegant dish with vibrant beetroot, peaches, and edible flowers, accented with cheese on a chic plate against a dark backdrop
An Al photograph of a vibrant beetroot carpaccio with a cashew cream dressing served on a slate plate in a vegan Michelin-starred restaurant during a summer afternoon.

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Check our blog - 1960S Style AI

woman staring at the camera wearing 1960s dark glasses and hat, she is wearing a striking patterned jacket with orange, yellows and blues, there are red stripped sun umbrellas on either side of her and people looking out to sea, the image was taken in the 1960s and has a vintage colouration
1960s Beach Style Fashion, pure 1960s

All of the AI-images on this blog post were created in Mid Journey and are purely experimental, not for profit or for resale.

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Nov 26, 2023
Hello, I would like to add more videos about Midjourney, as an option, you can make them in 4K quality using a free video converter for Windows 10. I think in this quality the work of AI will be best seen.
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