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What Is the Blackmagic Camera App and why You Should Be Using It!

Updated: Apr 7

There’s a revolutionary new camera app that promises to unlock game-changing video capabilities for iPhone filmmakers! In this hands-on review by Shootlab, we’ll share our real-world experience using the Blackmagic Camera app, an app that has the potential to elevate iphone video production values across all your projects. As seasoned video production experts, we have extensively tested this app for client projects. From the ability to unlock full manual exposure and camera controls to shooting buttery smooth ProRes footage and seamlessly integrating into our DaVinci Resolve workflows, the Blackmagic Camera App has swiftly become an indispensable mobile production tool in our toolkit.

Read on for our unfiltered thoughts on how Blackmagic Camera takes iPhone videography to the next level. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or an established Video Production company, this App may very well be the crucial element to achieving professional-grade results right from your smartphone.

I. Blackmagic Cam iphone app - Meet Your New Mobile Production Studio

At Shootlab, we are constantly exploring new tools to enhance our video production capabilities. So when Blackmagic Design released their game-changing free camera app for iPhone, we wasted no time putting it to work for client projects. Prior to this we have always been disappointed with the quality of video footage we have been getting from our iphone, whilst the spec is good the end results have always been patchy! Part of this is to do with the iphones limited camera software. When we read about this Blackmagic Camera App we were really keen to try it out. After extensive use, it’s clear this app provides cinematic controls and seamless workflows that make shooting professional-grade content on an iPhone easier than ever. Read on for our real-world perspective on why it’s become an essential production tool for us here at shootlab.

man holding mobile phone in snow environment image of someone skiing on the screen
Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Camera App Cinematic Videography

II. Blackmagic Cam iphone app Manual Control Like a Real Cinema Camera

Having complete manual control over the cameras focus, exposure, and more totally changes the creative possibilities with iPhone Videography. We love being able to tweak settings like shutter speed, ISO, and white balance to craft the perfect look for any lighting scenario or scene. The ergonomic interface makes adjustments fast and intuitive too.For our branded documentary projects, being able to shoot high-quality B-roll and supplementary footage on iPhones has become effortless with the refined level of control this app enables.

III. Shoot High Quality ProRes Video on Blackmagic Cam app

The ability to record pristine ProRes footage direct from the iPhone is a true game changer that immediately boosts production value. When capturing b-roll, tests, or additional angles to intercut with our main Blackmagic pocket camera shoots, having clips already in ProRes makes the editing and post process smoother. We can expose to preserve maximum dynamic range when shooting Log on iPhone just as we do with our other cinema cameras. Matching footage is easier than ever.

IV. Seamless Collaboration Workflows

As a distributed team working with clients worldwide, being able to share and collaborate on videos exceptionally fast thanks to the app's cloud workflows has been invaluable.

Now client approvals or internal reviews that used to require manually sharing files can happen immediately with real-time cloud access. Our iterative process moves significantly faster. Having the ability to start editing the second we stop recording has been a revelation for quick turnaround social content as well. Our post-production workflows have never been snappier.

mobile phone with camera app open displaying video thumbnail images in grid with text
Blackmagic Camera App for iPhone linked to DaVinci Resolve Cloud

V. iPhone video footage directly to DaVinci Resolve Cloud

The App captures video footage directly to the iPhone but can also be synced to the Davinci Resolve Cloud server. Having your iPhone video footage automatically uploaded to the Cloud means that when you get back from filming an event or video project it is already uploaded and ready to edit! Having this instant access to our video footage, to get started on video editing and post-production coming right off a shoot via our iPhones, allows us to meet tight client deadlines easier than ever.

VI. Cinematic Looks Made Easy

Getting professional-grade results right in camera is crucial for maintaining creative vision through the production process. The ability to quickly apply high-end LUTs and grain for a filmic look as we're shooting has been a revelation for social content and other quick turn deliverables. Thanks to Blackmagic color science, our iPhone videos now perfectly match the cinematic aesthetic established with our other cameras.

VII. Breaking Down the Key Capabilities of Blackmagic Video APP

Here are some of the features we rely on daily to enhance our client video productions:

  • Detailed focus control for product videos and interviews

  • Matching colour and exposure across devices

  • Sharing dailies for quick approvals

  • Shooting B-roll and additional angles in ProRes

  • Round tripping to post seamlessly

  • Total manual control over focus, exposure, and lighting

  • Maintaining creative vision from shoot to finish

VIII. Elevate Your Videos to Cinematic Quality

If you want to increase production value across devices and content types, the Blackmagic Camera app delivers Hollywood tools in your pocket.Shootlab leverages it daily to capture supplementary and B camera footage that seamlessly matches our Blackmagic cinema cameras and A-roll. For any video creator focused on streamlining multi-device workflows, this app is an indispensable tool. Download it today to step up your quality.

IX. Start Shooting Like a Pro

Here are some pro tips from our production team on making the most of the app in the field:

  • Add lens metadata to sync footage from multiple sources

  • Use focus peaking when shooting interviews for razor sharp focus

  • Create custom LUT presets for different brand looks and aesthetics

  • Shoot in ProRes Proxy to capture files faster for quick social content

  • Take advantage of clipping tools to remove audio noise in-app

  • Back up dailies instantly to allow same-day editing and review

With just your iPhone and the Blackmagic app, you have a powerful production and post suite at your fingertips.

X. Join a New Era in Mobile Filmmaking

Shootlab wholeheartedly recommends the Blackmagic Camera app to any video creator focused on capturing superb content across devices while maintaining seamless post-production workflows. Creative and technical control, collaborative power, and end-to-end integration - this app delivers it all. Download it today to step up your video game. We're excited to continue pushing mobile production into the future thanks to Blackmagic's outstanding toolset.

XI. How to Use the Blackmagic Camera App

To start shooting professional-grade video with Blackmagic Camera, simply download it from the App Store and open it to access the robust manual controls and cinematic tools. You can take complete control of focus, exposure, frame rate, resolution, and more. Monitoring tools like focus peaking, zebras, and false colour help nail your shot. When filming, you can record directly to ProRes for pristine quality. LUTs and film grain add Hollywood style right in app. Your footage auto-uploads to the cloud for instant sharing, client review, and seamless round tripping into DaVinci Resolve on your desktop. With intuitive manual control, robust cinematic effects, and smooth post-production workflows, the Blackmagic Camera app makes it easy to create pro-level video content on your iPhone.


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