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Social Worker Recruitment Video: Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Film

Updated: Dec 1

young woman sitting at desk in office on mobile phone
Social Worker recruitment video filmed at Bexley

Our latest project - a 'Social Worker Recruitment Video' for Bexley Council - exemplifies our commitment to telling impactful stories. In this blog, we'll share an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how we brought this meaningful video to life.

At Shootlab, we specialise in crafting compelling and emotionally resonant films. We bring insight and creativity to all of our Public Sector Videos, NGO, Charity and not-for-profit organisations film projects: Delivering engaging and effective films for your organisation, on time and on budget.

two black women sitting next to each other on blue chairs smiling with cooked food on their plates
Social Workers at Bexley Council

Overview of the Social Worker Recruitment Video:

Working closely with our Bexley client, Shootlab were commissioned to produce a 3-minute recruitment Video and accompanying social media edit. Bexley needed to find more staff for their social worker team and having a video that talks about the role and shows the work place environment would be an invaluable tool for attracting staff.

Through interviews with practicing social workers and management and shots of the building, viewers gain insight into a day in the life, from assisting families in crisis to helping seniors access care. Key elements include candid storytelling from social workers, evocative visuals of client interactions, and an inspiring musical score. The video concludes by emphasizing social workers' incredible impact despite the difficulties, speaking to potential recruits in a genuine way.

Behind the Scenes: Collaborative Creation

From conceptualisation to completion, our team devoted extensive time to crafting an authentic and moving film. We worked closely with stakeholders to fully understand their goals and target demographic. Location scouting ensured compelling backdrops for interviews and dramatic recreations. We invested significant effort connecting with social workers to share their real experiences.

Meticulous planning and attention to detail was essential for capturing authentic footage. Our passion and persistence paid dividends in post-production as hours of footage were edited into a cohesive narrative.

hand drawn mural cartoon style with black outlined figures and black text on white background
Mural at Bexley from our recruitment video

Resonating with Audiences

Since its release, the recruitment video has surpassed expectations. The client has also seen a marked increase in applicants, especially from top candidates. They credit the video for realistically conveying the profession and inspiring passion. We are extremely proud of the impact so far. Several have even shared that the experience even inspired friends and family to consider social work.

woman at desk on laptop wearing black and white clothing light filled space with window in background
social worker recruitment, staff in pleasing office environment

Why Recruitment Videos Are Crucial Today

In a competitive hiring landscape, compelling yet honest recruitment videos give companies an advantage. Not only do they strengthen employer brands, but they allow candidates to fully visualise themselves in a role. An effective video inspires and pulls at heartstrings.

According to research, job listings with accompanying videos enjoy higher application rates and engagement compared to those without. Videos enable employers to showcase culture beyond a traditional job ad. For candidates, especially millennials, culture fit is a top priority.

Why Choose Shootlab for Your Recruitment Film?

Our expertise in storytelling helps makes us the perfect video production agency for recruitment videos, helping clients to connect with ideal candidates. We collaborate to understand values, goals, and target hires before developing an authentic concept and script. From filming to post-production, our creative team handles every aspect of video creation. We also develop tailored distribution strategies to reach the right talent across platforms.

Expert Tips for Recruitment Film Success

For companies considering a recruitment film, keep these tips in mind:

  • Spotlight authentic employee stories. Candid perspectives resonate.

  • Film on location when possible to add visual impact.

  • Collaborate closely with stakeholders to align on messaging.

  • Infuse the film with emotion through music, visuals and narrative.

  • Conduct test screenings to refine the editing.

  • Promote the film across channels to maximise reach.

Recruitment Film Social Media Edit

This 30-second social media distills the essence of social work into a compelling, fast-paced video designed for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Using memorable clips and music, it highlights the empathy, courage and impact of social workers in just half a minute. The inspirational message and visual style make this short video perfect for engaging potential recruits online.

At Shootlab, our mission is to produce recruitment videos that inspire top talent to apply. Let's work together to showcase your company's greatest asset - your people! Contact us to get started.


About Shootlab: What we do

We hope this behind-the-scenes glimpse gets you excited about the potential of recruitment films. Our team at Shootlab would love to bring our expertise to highlighting the incredible people that make your organisation stand out. Please [Contact us here] to get the conversation started on crafting your ideal recruitment video!

At Shootlab, we are not just a video production company, but a full-service content creation agency dedicated to building your brand through compelling stories. From script to screen, our end-to-end video production services ensure we craft recruitment films that connect with top talent.

But we don't stop at video. Our suite of offerings encompasses photography, social media content creation, and management. Our professional photographers deliver vibrant images to strengthen your brand across channels. And our social media experts help you develop targeted content that engages audiences.

We'd love to learn more about your organisation and how we can help bring your recruitment goals to life through impactful content. Please reach out to start a discussion - we look forward to collaborating with you!

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