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Holiday Home Promotional Video - The Grain Store in Lewes

Updated: Jan 24

SHOOTLAB took on an exciting project to create a series of promotional videos for a luxury holiday home in Lewes, East Sussex. Situated in the picturesque South Downs National Park, The Grain Store is a luxury accommodation and events space that offers a truly unique experience. Our mission was to produce engaging videos that would not only showcase the home's exquisite features but also capture the natural beauty of its surroundings. These holiday home promotional videos serve as a powerful tool to enhance The Grain Store's online presence on the website and across various social media channels,

The Grain Store, Lewes Holiday Home Promotional Video

Watch the Marketing film we made for The Grain Store, Lewes

The Making of the Grain Store, Lewes

Experience the remarkable journey of transformation in our film as we unveil the incredible evolution of a dilapidated farm building in Lewes, East Sussex, into a luxurious holiday home known as "The Grain Store." This captivating visual narrative, enriched with stunning photos by the talented Carlotta Luke, showcases the awe-inspiring metamorphosis of this once-forgotten structure into a haven of comfort and style. Join us as we take you on a captivating cinematic tour that encapsulates the spirit of renewal and the beauty of preservation, culminating in the creation of this extraordinary retreat.

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