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1960s Brighton Fashion Photography with Midjourney

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Shootlab's AI Content-Creation Blog for this month is themed around 1960s fashion photography Brighton with Midjourney. We love Brighton, and since we work in nearby Lewes, we spend a lot of time there. This month's AI theme draws inspiration from 1960's Brighton's fashion and youth culture, specifically during the Psychedelic, hippie era. We have produced a series of vintage-inspired images that showcase Brighton's fashion history. If you were wondering 'what were the fashion trends in the 1960s and 70s' read on to find out!

A young woman stands out in a crowd with her retro 1960s fashion in Brighton. Her style is highlighted by a textured, Leopard patterned jacket, accessorised with a simple neck scarf in the same Leopard patterned style. Her wavy, blonde hair and natural makeup exemplify the beauty standards of the era. This image captures the essence of 1960s fashion against a backdrop of a bustling seaside promenade, reflecting the cultural vibrancy of the time
How to dress like 60s girl? - Hippie Chic on Brighton beach in Brighton circa 1967

The iconic photographic images look like they were taken by a famous 1960s Brighton photographer and include images of Brighton hippies, Beatniks, and youths wearing total sixties fashion. Brighton in the 1960s was a time of peace, love, and counterculture, and the Brighton hippie scene was abuzz with life, bohemian fashion, and flower power in full bloom!

A striking man with a long hippie style hair and beard embodies 1960s Brighton fashion on a city street, wearing a boldly patterned, open-neck shirt adorned with necklaces. His intense gaze and the bohemian flair of his outfit capture the spirit of the era's counterculture. The blurred background with pedestrians and vintage cars enhances the timeless feel, transporting the viewer to the heart of 1960s fashion and street photography
Psychedelic fashion in 1960s North Street, Brighton, long hippie hair, beads and psychedelic shirt design

It's hard to imagine looking at these MidJourney AI images that they are not from a photographer's archive and that the people in the photos are purely fictional/make-believe; none of these Brighton people ever actually existed

1960s Brighton Fashion: A Glimpse Into the Hippie Scene

Brighton was a hotbed of fashion innovation in the 1960s, with psychedelic patterns and bold colours adorning the clothing of the city's residents. The pier and beach were popular hotspots for gatherings and festivities, and mod fashion was also making waves.

This vintage-inspired photography series provides a glimpse into the look and style of the 1960s Brighton hippie scene, showcasing how the swinging sixties in Brighton would have looked.

To this day, the bohemian fashion influence of the 1960s decade can still be felt in Brighton, with a thriving alternative community celebrating the city's counterculture roots. If you're looking for a place to experience the best of 1960s fashion, Brighton is the place to be.

We have taken 1960s Brighton as our starting point and created a series of vintage inspired photos all generated using Mid journey AI generative software.The photos were generated using Midjourney ai image generator. The AI has done an amazing job at recreating the authentic vintage look of the decade in the photos, including not only the fashions of the time, but also recreating authentic background detail.

Two young women stroll through a 1960s Brighton street, showcasing the era's fashion trends. The woman in the foreground wears a bold patterned top with layered necklaces, while her companion sports a blue floral dress. Their natural hairstyles and attentive expressions reflect the youthful and exploratory spirit of the decade, set against a backdrop of a vibrant town scene
Two flower children in North Laine Brighton sixties fashion circa 1967 wearing vintage dresses, beads and ethnic jewellery
A group of young women and men captured in a candid moment on the bustling streets of 1960s Brighton, showcasing the fashion of the era. The women in the forefront wear floral-patterned dresses, with the left one donning a beret, while the right one features a bold necklace, both with hairstyles typical of the time. The crowd behind them, some in sunglasses, adds to the authentic vintage atmosphere of the scene
Sixties youth culture Brighton beach fashion 1960s

The photos capture the city's vibrant counterculture scene, with hippies of all ages enjoying the beach, dancing in the streets, and simply hanging out. The photos are a reminder of a time when Brighton was a place where people could express themselves freely and be themselves.

AI Generated Video ‘1960s style film’ created using RunwayML Gen2 with a vintage film look applied

Watch as the images on this blog post come to life in this vintage film inspired creation. Using the images on this 1960's Blog Post we harnessed the power of Runway ML Gen2 to transform the AI images into an immersive AI Video (Image to Video Gen2). We were particularly impressed with the woman playing guitar on Brighton beach!

60s hippie fashion and Beatnik Style

 a close-up portrait of a young woman from the 1960s showcasing the fashion of Brighton. She wears a floral headband and a patterned dress with a peace sign necklace, embodying the era's popular bohemian style. Her natural makeup, freckled complexion, and braided hairstyle reflect the carefree beauty standards of the time, set against a blurred background of other individuals in vibrant attire
Brighton Beach Flower Child, Brighton beach 1960s
A group of young women walk down a Brighton street in the 1960s, each showcasing the distinct fashion of the era. Their outfits feature a variety of bold prints and colors, from floral to paisley, complemented with large beaded necklaces. Their hair styles range from natural waves to voluminous curls, capturing the essence of 1960s style and the lively atmosphere of the city's streets
1960s hippie style teenagers shopping in North Laine Brighton 1967
A hippie man in Brighton during the 1960s exudes the era's fashion with a vibrant smile and a peace sign gesture. His long, wavy hair and patterned cardigan, adorned with necklaces, capture the spirit of peace and love. The bustling street scene behind him, complete with flower arrangements and passersby, adds to the authentic vintage feel of the photograph
Hippy Clothing, fashion, style from the hippie era Brighton 1967
A young man and woman stand confidently amidst a crowded scene, epitomizing 1960s Brighton fashion. He wears a denim jacket with medallion necklaces, and she is adorned with a headband and layered beaded jewelry. Their relaxed expressions and natural, long hair reflect the free-spirited and expressive style of the time, set against a backdrop of similarly dressed individuals
Young Couple in Brighton's North Laine 1967, hippie fashions

A psychedelic stylised illustration of the iconic Royal Pavilion in Brighton with a psychedelic twist, characteristic of the 1960s art style. The image features vivid colors and intricate patterns swirling around the architecture, set against a night sky with stars and soft clouds. The word 'BRIGHTON' floats above in bold, retro lettering, encapsulating the city's historic charm and the creative energy of the 1960s
British Psychedelia Super cool 'psychedelic poster' for the Royal Pavilion Brighton
Three women walk through a 1960s Brighton crowd, their style capturing the essence of the era. Each wears a distinctive headband, from floral to polka dot, paired with layered necklaces over patterned tops and jackets. Their expressions are thoughtful, reflecting the cultural depth of the time
In-crowd Brighton beach, summer of 1967 wearing free-spirited clothes
man with 1960s clothing and hairstyle stares at camera, his shirt is open at the top revealing beaded necklaces, behind him are shops and blurred people on the street
1960s young and free, Sixties Brighton, rocking the hippie aesthetic
two young women wearing ethnic beaded necklaces and 1960s hippie clothing stand in the middle of a busy Brighton street with people and shops in the background, a vintage 1960s scene
Flowered up in Brighton's North Laine 1960s
a group of young adults walk along the street wearing 1960s clothing, there are shops and houses in the background
Hippies, group of friends shopping Brighton 1969
blonde haired hippie stand in the middle of a busy Brighton street, he is wearing an open ethnic shirt with multiple beaded necklaces, he has long hair with a bandana, there are lots of people around him shopping
Hippie in iconic 1960s clothes, circa 1969, beads, hippie hair with bandana and loose fit ethnic inspired clothing
two hippies with long hippie hair walking through a busy street with long hair and tight denim jeans, they both have patterned 1960s shirts, there are lots of people around them on the streets in Brighton, retro 1960s look to the image
Classic hippie look, long-haired with flared jeans
two young women look at the camera wearing 1960s clothing one wears a beaded hair band and the other a beaded hat, theye are wearing lots of beaded and ethnic necklaces and used heavily worn vintage clothing
Looking back, 1960s memories
group of 1960s female youth walk through busy Brighton street, there are shops in the background and a 1960s car
Youth movement in full swing Brighton 67
two men wearing 1960s clothing star at the camera, they are both wearing hats, one has a patterned beige jacket and the other a light blue suit, there are 1960s cars on either side of them and the street is busy with people
1960s Brighton Beatniks, not Hippies
two girls adorned in 1960s clothes stand in the middle of the photo, they are next to Brighton beach and there is a holiday atmosphere, there are 1960s cars in the background
Brighton Beach hippies wandering around the seafront - Brighton Beach, Summer of 1968
young female wearing hippie clothes looking at camera photographed in 1969 on Brighton's North Laine
Brighton hippies - Hippie child Brighton's North Laine in1969

fair haired hippie man with cool 1960s glasses stairs into the distance, he is wearing a stylish hippie jacket and is on the beach with other hippies standing around him who are blurred out in the background
Sunny days Brighton Beach 1960s - Classic 'Easy Rider' inspired fashion

Brighton 1960s Mod Fashion / Mod Clothing

A stunning close-up shot, the viewer is presented with a captivating image of a woman's face, adorned with striking orange and blue eye makeup. Her eyes are the centerpiece of the composition, taking up most of the frame and drawing attention to their vivid colors. The rest of her face is slightly out of focus, creating a dreamy and ethereal effect
Female model staring into the camera detail of 1960s eye makeup

a group of young men in a cafe during the 1960s posing for a picture, the men are dressed in mod fashion, wearing suits and hats, exuding an air of sophistication. In the centre of the image, a young man holds a drink while seated at a table, surrounding him are his peers, some sitting and others standing behind them, the photograph is black and white
Mod Fashion Mens - A group of young mods gathered at a popular Brighton cafe, during the 1960s

In the centre of this vintage image, a young woman wearing a colourful blue and orange spotted coat, a hat and black rounded shades stands staring at the camera, she is standing on Brighton pier and there are white and red striped sun umbrellas on either side, people stand at the side of the image looking out at the sea
Mod fashion on Brighton Pier during the 1960s

black and white photograph, a woman is seen getting her hair done in hairdressers 1960s style cut, The photo has a vintage feel to it, with a grainy texture and subdued contrast.
Mod hair, 1960s hair, Vintage hairstyle in 1960s hairdressers

A group of people walking down the road, bundled up in 1960s coats and hats, they are all walking in the same direction, towards the viewer. The people are dressed in a variety of coats, ranging from beige to blue and brown. A man stands next to a yellow car on the right side of the image. The street is busy with traffic, but it is not visible in this shot. The scene suggests that it is a cold day due to everyone's clothing choices
A stylish group of friends walk down North Laine wearing 1960s attire

group of young adults walking down the middle of the road wearing pink clothing
Brighton Pride 1969 stylish crowd dressed in vintage suits

Brighton 1960s Photo Archive

We hope that you have enjoyed looking at these Brighton 1960s AI photo images. As mentioned, it is really hard to accept that these people never existed or that these scenarios never actually took place. However, they do provide a glimpse into the past and evoke a mood of the times. Thanks to Mid journey for keeping on giving! Let us know your thoughts on the photo images, comments in the box at the end of the Blog.

All of the images are AI and were created using the new Midjourney v5. We have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of images produced by Mid journey version 5, especially in the creation of lifelike humans and also there are fewer general mistakes.

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All of the AI images on this blog post were created in Midjourney and are purely experimental, not for profit or for resale.

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