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What is the Best V-Mount battery for BMPCC 6k Pro?

Updated: Apr 7

At Shootlab Video Production Agency we love our video cameras, so we thought we would share with you our real-world experiences of using the BMPCC 6K Pro for video production and let you know the best V-Mount battery for BMPCC 6k pro, which turns it into a killer Cinema Production Camera. The Blackmagic Design 6K Pro camera is an incredible high-performance digital film camera that produces stunning dynamic cinematic footage. There are so many great things about the BMPCC 6K Pro, but the battery life can be an issue if you're filming for long periods. When Shootlab first got the cinema camera, we had to shoot a series of long video interviews over several days and found ourselves constantly changing the NP-F570 batteries. It was stressful and very disruptive to the interview process. (The BMPCC 6K Pro battery life is around 30 minutes.) After the video shoot, we tried various configurations, including full video camera rigs with large V-lock batteries attached that weighed a tonne but could last for up to 12 hours. However, adding this bulk took away one of the great strengths of the BMPCC - its compact form factor! We then discovered a battery option that would change the way we shoot here at Shootlab - the FXLION Nano One!


The FX LION Nano One V-Lock Battery is a powerful and compact battery solution that is specifically designed to work with the Blackmagic Design 6K Pro camera. It features a V-Lock mount, which allows for quick and easy attachment to the camera.

The FX Lion Nano One Battery is a small but powerful camera battery which has a capacity of 98Wh, which provides you with up to 4 hours of video recording time, making it perfect for long-duration video shoots, allowing you to continue filming without interruption. Another nice feature of the Nano One is that it includes a built-in LED power indicator, which allows you to easily monitor the remaining power level, very important for a videographer when on a Video Production set!

How do I charge my FX Lion Nano one

Ensure the ultimate convenience of charging your NANO ONE by utilising your mobile device charger with its Micro-USB and USB-C ports, as well as its D-Tap port or V-Mount charger. You can power up an array of devices such as lights, cameras, smartphones, USB-C laptops, and video accessories using the designated ports.


In conclusion, the Blackmagic Design 6K Pro camera and the FX LION Nano One V-Lock Battery are the perfect partners for any videographer. or video production team. This powerful combination offers a Cinematic Filming experience without the stress of worrying about running out of power. We highly recommend this as the best V-Mount battery for the BMPCC 6k Pro.


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Sep 28, 2023

Thanks for the reco~! What cable do I need to attach the battery to the bmpcc6kpro?

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