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Experience the Magic: Miles without Stiles Sussex Walks in the Idyllic South Downs National Park

Updated: Feb 6

Watch a series of films on Miles Without Stiles walking routes in Sussex. Shootlab created these films for the South Downs National Park and they showcase some of the best Miles Without Stiles walking routes in Sussex.

What is Miles without Stiles Sussex?

The South Downs National Park, located in Southern England, is a beautiful area renowned for its picturesque landscapes and stunning views. Sussex has a rich cultural history and really diverse wildlife. The park authorities have taken great efforts to ensure that visitors of all abilities can enjoy the stunning Sussex scenery by creating a series of accessible walking routes called "Miles Without Stiles. Miles Without Stiles are stile-free routes, allowing individuals with limited mobility to navigate them with ease. The routes cater to a diverse range of users, including wheelchair users, families with young children and pushchairs, and individuals on all-terrain powered mobility scooters.

Walkers can choose from a list of stunning routes and trails from across the South Downs. These Accessible walks (miles without stiles) incorporate breathtaking views of the South Downs National Park’s landscapes, its diverse wildlife, including ancient woodland, and the quintessential English scenery that the South Downs National Park is renowned for.

The South Downs National Park commissioned Shootlab to produce a series of YouTube videos to showcase some of their best 'Miles without stiles' routes in Sussex, including Ditchling, Bramber, Iping and West Walk (West Sussex). Our Video Production included the use of drones for aerial filming, action cameras attached to the mobility vehicles to capture a first-person point of view and gimbals for following the walkers along their route.

Watch our Miles Without Stiles Films:

This 'Miles without Stiles' route includes stunning 360 degree views from Ditchling Beacon, the highest point on the chalk in East Sussex and the historic Jack and Jill windmills.

The historic village of Bramber with its medieval castle is the starting point for this riverside route. Running alongside the river Adur this 'Route for All' is set against the backdrop of the glorious South Downs, Sussex.

This route offers the opportunity to explore one of the best examples of lowland heath in the South Downs National Park. During June and July, keep a lookout for the rare silver studded blue butterfly. A heathland specialist whose caterpillars thrive on the bell heathers.

Explore the remnants of a former Royal hunting ground at West Walk, Forest of Bere. Covering 350 hectares, West Walk is the largest remaining fragment of the former medieval hunting ground, the Forest of Bere in West Sussex.

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