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Web Shop Design for Skincare brand 360 Botanics

Updated: Jan 24

This month SHOOTLAB produced an e-commerce Web store for UK based Natural Skincare and Wellness brand 360 Botanics

Firstly if you are looking to have an online shop created, an e-commerce website.... whether you want to sell one product, or hundreds, we can bring your business online and create a website shop that works for you. We will create and Build an online Web store that will you to run and manage your own changes, updates as well as being able to add new products and Blog posts.

It's always a good feeling when one of our client Website's is launched and last week it went live, generating new sales and getting some good customer feedback. Pip from 360 Botanics wanted a Web store that not only looked on-trend and professional, but one that also had effective e-commerce features, that worked seamlessly for her customers and also for the running of the business. The Web shop was created using the Shopify platform, with custom coding and edits to provide all of the features that Pip was looking for. The Website was a significant update for 360 Botanics, coming previously from a Wix generated Website, the new site now allows for proper professional shop features, full control over the ecommerce, and has outstanding site Analytics and extensive payment options.

Home page

For the shop home page we created a bold, striking image that sets the tone for the web store..

Flatlay image of 360Botanics Web store home page

Collection Images

We shot a series of Flatlay images and style images for the Websites main 'Collection' pages

Flatlay image showing 360Botanics soap and ingredients that make up the soap, shot on white background

Product Shots

We produced a series of 'style shots' for the main Collection Pages and all of the product shots were studio photographed, all shot against a white background. We wanted the products themselves to have a uniformity and consistency in the way they looked and also to stand out on the page.

Blog Layout Design

We designed a template for 360's regular Blog updates, once again with Photography playing a key visual element. The regular Blog articles bring good traffic to the site and inform both new and existing customers

Image of 360 Botanics website shop Blog pages

Check out the 360 Botanics Web Shop we designed here

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