Beauty Product Photography for 360 Botanics, Lewes based Vegan Skincare Company.

Updated: Apr 23

Shootlab are a Content Creation Agency, this blog post showcases some studio photos we produced for Lewes based Vegan Natural-Skincare-Company 360 Botanics.

Creative Approach to the Natural Skincare Photoshoot

The idea behind the Photo Shoot was to create a series of images for the new 360 Botanics Website and their forthcoming Social Media Campaign. The photoshoot incorporates, 360's amazing Vegan-Skincare products, summer flowers and also incorporates some of the natural ingredients that 360 Botanics use in their products. 360 Botanics as a brand have a simple clean design look and feel for their products and they use mostly organic natural ingredients. We reflected these aspects in our approach to the brand photography, using simple tones, shapes and forms and some of the beautiful elements that go into making up their gorgeous products.

Flatlay Photography

During the photo shoot, we decided to shoot a series of Flatlay photographs, based around the natural ingredients that are included in the Companies Vegan Skincare range.

A lot of people ask 'how do I shoot Flatlay-Photographs? Flat lay or Flatlay Photography as it is sometimes known is where you position the camera directly above the products or objects you are shooting and create a pleasing composition. It is a great way to tell visual stories and allows you to be creative with your Photography.

In this case for our Flatlay, we incorporated natural Ingredients such as Citrus Fruits, Lavender, Rose Oils & Peppermint – all photographed in their raw natural form. We then set about creating our Flatlay composition

The 'Winter Spice' Vegan Soap ingredients include a mix of cloves, orange / citrus, and Cinnamon. We decided to shoot this flat-lay, in a way that graphically displays the ingredients in a bold and strong visual way, echoing the natural ethos and brand values of the company.

In this Flatlay-photograph of 360's CHARCOAL & PEPPERMINT ORGANIC CLEANSING SOAP. The image includes Mint, Charcoal and Natural Oils, showing the ingredients that go into the soap in a bold graphic style.

Above is a Flatlay photo of the Calendula & Lemongrass Vegan soap, for this we included real Lemongrass sticks and Calendula as visual props, again taken from the real ingredients used in the product

For the Vegan Gifts collection on the Website, we created a series of studio photos that give the 360 gift products a high-quality look and feel, this is achieved with the use of luxurious marble plinths and the use of warm background tones.

Rose Radiant Beauty Product Studio Photography for natural skincare brand 360 Botanics photography inspiration

For the Rose Radiant Facial Mist, we decided to remove the lid of the bottle and have a succulent Rose bursting out the top. Making a strong visual connection between the product and the natural ingredients that are used to make it.

The image above contains products from 360 Botanics beauty range and also features their Quartz Candle, one of the candles from their crystal inspired candle collection. Again we used the Marble plinths to draw attention to the products and also to help evoke a sense of quality and luxury.

The Pink Clay Mask is one of the brands most popular selling items and we decided to give this a pink backdrop and colour palette to reflect the products name and it's contents.

To see some of our other Photography work including Flatlay check out our Photography page on out Website

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